A new day for a historic brand

As a brand, Mustad is synonymous with premier fishing hooks – one in four hooks in the world today are made by them. But they have yet to fully capitalize on the brand’s potential in the U.S. marketplace. With an aggressive new product rollout scheduled, they came to Idea Ranch to help build momentum and strategically define their messaging. By building on already established brand strengths, we helped position them for success across a highly regionalized and species-specific market.

Hooked up

Mustad traditionally has been known as one thing – a hook maker. An aggressive growth strategy anchored by the development of a line of jigs and lures was set to expand on that position. Executed primarily via social – we created buzz for this new lineup through high-energy video content and a steady wave of product marketing content that included designers and product managers showcasing the innovation and insights that went into each product.

Jig Social Launch

ICAST Inkvader Launch

Jig Social Product Features

Meet the Addicts

The anglers in the Pacific Northwest have long been defined by a conditions-be-damned addiction to the pursuit of fresh and saltwater species. For Mustad to break into the fold of the cult-like mentality of the region’s anglers, Idea Ranch set out to leverage the influence of the growing YouTube group, “Addicted Fishing.” Lead by the Addict’s avid anglers and full-time guides, an influencer marketing onslaught came alongside a full-breadth, licensed product line to bring uniquely catered innovations, films and digital executions that flipped the switch on a region previously undercapitalized by Mustad.

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