We are blessed to be a blessing. That certainty finds us linking arms with causes that have left us forever changed. They are rooted in two defining convictions we hold without wavering. Furthering the mission of these noble organizations is a humbling privilege and awesome responsibility. We stand honored and grateful to serve.

How we respond to their sacrifice speaks to our character as a nation.

Patriots across the country stand shoulder to shoulder, ready to ensure the spouses, sons and daughters of America’s heroes are never left behind. On our watch, they will not carry the financial burden of an education. We will honor fallen and disabled U.S. service members by fighting for their family’s future.

We unapologetically love our country. We do not take liberty for granted. And we take very seriously our role in honoring and supporting those who protect our freedoms, past and present.



Patriotism and purpose shine brightly in the hearts of these Notre Dame students.

The Folds Mission

These patriots refuse to turn their back on the cost of freedom.

The Story of Colleen Katzenberger

Her bravery in the face of tragedy and heartbreak leaves us speechless.

Come vacation time, most of us at Idea Ranch point our vehicles west. For us, the mountains are magnetic. So when a non-profit close to our hearts, nestled in Crested Butte, needed to take their branding and mission to the next level, we didn’t hesitate to offer our services. Telling their story, growing their donor base and welcoming more people into their fold is truly an honor.


Her gusto and legacy embody the
best of the human spirit.

Our love for the Rockies takes on new meaning with every project connected to Adaptive Sports Center. They are living out the best in humanity, giving people hope through adventure and community.



Life in a motorized wheelchair
opens wide up at 12,162 feet.


The healing and empowering invitation to adventure should be open to one and all.


A new enemy waits on the other side of war. Jose is fighting back.

The Letter

They gave her daughter the gift of courage. She has a few words
about that.

“We believe excellence is contagious.”

Garrett Fresh, Creative Director

Our growing roster reflects our people and pursuits. Join us. In an industry that attracts ego, our path is rare. It serves as a beacon to like-minded clients and talent. If that’s you, we look forward to talking.