Some of our best work happens on the water.

Under Armour’s audience includes a massively diverse set of anglers. Each one demands nuanced conversations about the locations and conditions they fish. Decades on the water earned us a spot as strategic partner for this respected global brand, and it’s how we help bring focus to their performance-anchored product storytelling. UA Fish consistently delivers product solutions to the age-old challenges of sun, wind, and rain. We’re honored to craft their story and deliver it to our fellow anglers through strategy, branding, retail, digital, and social media.

Justin Lucas

2018 Angler of the Year

Sure, style matters. But today’s angler is looking for a deep dive before they commit.

What’s in a hoodie? Through a series of socially activated product videos, Idea Ranch set out to answer that question for fish-savvy consumers. Our research and insights were clear – this audience is hungry for apparel loaded with innovative materials and they want all the details. Our strategy to stand out centers on quick-hitting videos, heavy on technical callouts, delivered by respected experts. The approach has proven incredibly effective, driving awareness of key seasonal products, attracting significant e-commerce, and positioning UA Fish as a straight-shooting source of products and info anglers can trust.

Iso-Chill Product
Marketing Video

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