Purpose-Built to Hunt.

The Banner 2 series marks the second coming of America’s best-selling riflescope. More than a product launch, it was an opportunity for Bushnell to return to its roots as a leader in sports optics for the masses. Targeting the hard-working sensibilities of America’s whitetail hunters, we used an omni-channel approach to reach them at every stage of the consumer journey. From best-in-class video and advertising to unique and disruptive press materials, our messaging was focused: the all-new Banner 2 is PURPOSE-BUILT TO HUNT.

Clearest in class. Brighter at dusk and dawn.

It doesn’t care about the pedigree of your rifle, what kind of truck you drive or how long you’ve owned that camo you’re wearing. It’s made for work. And it’s built for one thing: deadly accuracy at the moment you need it. It’s built for the meat, for the mount, for the love of tradition and whatever else that motivates you. The new Banner 2 is PURPOSE-BUILT TO HUNT.

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