A relationship measured in decades

The ebbs and flows of the banking industry aren’t for the fainthearted. Thankfully, our 17 year relationship with Fidelity Bank has been marked by courage on both sides. Their steadfast leadership team trusted us to reimagine the connection a bank could have with its community – owning the realities and envisioning a stronger future together. It began with a brand statement that embodies both the external communications and internal heartbeat of the bank – BRAVELY ONWARD. Deployed with a steady, strategic hand, the campaign has created a groundswell of support, loyal customer relationships, and ongoing new business opportunities for this family-owned bank with deep community roots.

Stepping forward with purpose.

It’s rare that a city desperate for encouragement and wisdom during a crisis looks to a financial institution. But those who call Wichita home knew they could count on Fidelity Bank to step forward and speak. Our job was giving their Bravely Onward identity a clear-eyed, gut honest yet hopeful voice in a time of pandemic, tragedy, protests and wide-spread job loss. For a city that’s weathered many storms and used them to become stronger, there’s only one direction worth moving.

Opportunity. It’s out there.

Wichita was at a defining crossroads. Would they rest on recent progress, or continue to push their hometown further? This was our chance to tell an incredible story featuring real Wichitans seizing opportunity. Investing over nearly a year of production, we captured the gritty, diverse stories of five inspiring locals. We then extended the conversation through pre-rolls, social media and web videos that unveiled a deeper look at their journeys. “Opportunity” was no longer a vague idea, it became an urgent invitation to the entire city.

Opportunity :15 #1

Opportunity :15 #2

A hub for inspiration

After multiple years of aggressive content creation and alongside the launch of our Bravely Onward Films series came the need to build an owned web property that not only housed a large amount of brand content but helped to ACTIVATE it. All campaign traffic is pushed to custom landing pages – funneling traffic to specific content and CTAs. Through this method we’ve helped build a substantial, high-value email list of business owners.

Our growing roster reflects our people and pursuits. Join us. In an industry that attracts ego, our path is rare. It serves as a beacon to like-minded clients and talent. If that’s you, we look forward to talking.