One system. Countless ways to explore.

From the single track to the slopes to the best unnamed spot on the map, the Yakima EXO System revolutionizes gear hauling, taking it from the roof to the hitch with an infinitely adaptable system. So when Yakima came to Idea Ranch with the challenge of launching this trailblazing setup, we buckled up and got ready to roll.

Revolutionizing the art of adventure.

The Yakima EXO System landing page gave us the perfect opportunity to create an interactive experience for customers to learn about the entirely new hitch-based system and explore its modularity by trying out unlimited configurations for themselves.

Configure from the comforts of home.

With so many configurations, we created a way for users to map out possible EXO System setups before they buy. Visitors can choose their vehicle type and add a lower level, upper level and accessories to visualize the many ways the EXO System can transform their adventures.

Launching in uncharted territory.

Since the EXO System launched at a time when in-person events weren’t possible, we helped create a virtual launch that included eblasts, launch materials, product positioning, videos and happy hour kits to help make the event as memorable as possible.

Happy hour in a box.

To bring a little more life to the virtual event, we sent out happy hour kits. They included information on the EXO System, an enamel camp cup, a Yakima-engraved jigger, maple syrup, a lemon and a drink card to cheers the launch with a new twist on an old favorite — the campfire sour.

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