Capturing the heart behind America’s
largest private company.

It began somewhat as an audition. Soon, one project turned into four. Then ten. Then Cargill awards us an assignment that requires ultimate trust – “Tell the story of our people.” Eager and inspired, we found the indissoluble thread running through this incredibly successful American company with over a 150-year heritage: steadfast integrity and a heart for service. That’s a story we relate to on a molecular level, and one we’re proud to shape and deliver to audiences around the globe.

Claiming ground in a crucial new space.

They’re known as the world’s meat experts. So, Cargill knew all eyes would be on their much-anticipated entry into the plant-based protein sphere. They tapped Idea Ranch to help create a brand and launch strategy for this important new product line. We linked arms with their internal team to develop a look and story that capitalizes both on the credibility of Cargill and the excitement of this endeavor.

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