A story of legendary confections begging to be told.

When our path first crossed with Christie Cookie Company, they’d been handcrafting gourmet creations in music city for more than three decades. Our first assignment was momentous – it would determine their future. We were tasked with transforming their brand, developing a look and tone that perfectly captures their rich heritage, originality and charm. After all, cookies this mouthwatering deserve a brand voice as southern as sweet tea. The reception from consumers and employees of Christie Cookie was overwhelmingly positive. We followed up the unveiling with a fresh website, integrated social campaigns, newly designed packaging and a rollout video featuring the friendly faces you’ll encounter at the brick and mortar bakeries in Nashville U.S.A.

Earning a permanent spot at holiday tables across America.

The number one season for sweets finds every brand of gourmet goods jockeying for attention. Better to firmly position yourself as the South’s most celebrated baker of decadent, front-door deliveries. Through the development of festive keepsake tins, strategic digital campaigns, timely out-of-home and email promotions, we’ve successfully established Christie Cookie as an annual go-to gift for friends, family and clients.

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