Idea Ranch is proud to announce their engagement with MEAT!, a newly launched brand of commercial-grade meat-processing equipment ( Meeting the consumers desire for a commercial quality line of processing products without the retail markup, MEAT! products are manufactured and sold directly to today’s home chefs, hunters and anglers. MEAT! equipment is designed to complete and enhance the field-to-table experience that allows today’s carnivore to control every element of the quality, purity, and creativity of the food they produce.

“We are thrilled to navigate this journey with the good folks at Idea Ranch. These men and women live and breathe the outdoors and, in the advertising and PR industry, it’s immensely hard to find the level of authenticity that comes so natural at Idea Ranch,” said Curtis Smith, Vice President of Marketing, American Outdoor Brands. “Their enthusiasm and passion is contagious and we are thankful to be working with them to establish MEAT! as a leader in food processing equipment and products with the increasingly popular Direct-To-Consumer model.”

Idea Ranch is an industry leader in outdoor recreation advertising and brings a data-driven approach to their clients, resulting in higher conversion rates and known attribution, particularly with D2C brands. MEAT! adds to a growing portfolio for Idea Ranch, joining Under Armour, PRADCO, Yakima, Carhartt, among others.

“The team at MEAT! is revolutionizing how hunters and anglers process their harvest. MEAT! Was launched to serve consumers concerned with putting the best possible protein on the table,” said Eric Barnes, Managing Partner & Chief Operating Officer, Idea Ranch. “They’ve hand-picked the best components and tested this gear rigorously to make certain they remain a step above their competitors, and their direct-to-consumer strategy allows them to deliver this quality at a fraction of the price of other brands. Beyond the great products, they’re educating consumers, removing the “I don’t know how” barrier one piece of content at a time.”

About MEAT!

MEAT! food processing equipment and products are designed and manufactured to meet professional standards and are available to both professionals and discerning consumers directly from the manufacturer. MEAT! Equipment and products are made with the highest quality materials and are designed to be highly functional, ergonomic, attractive, and durable. MEAT! Is committed to providing the necessary tools and education for processing meat, for the novice sportsman, to the experienced butcher. For more information about the MEAT! Brand, visit

About Idea Ranch

Idea Ranch is a full-service advertising, PR, and consumer insights firm headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a second office in Wichita, Kansas. The firm has a diversified list of clients across the country and is an industry leading marketing communications company building brands in the outdoor recreation and passion sports sectors. For more information, please visit